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Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Everyone keeps talking about project management this and project management that, but what does it actually mean to a business owner and how can it help you? I recently found a project management system, ClickUpTM, and let me tell you……..I can see the winds of change!

As a business owner, especially in the virtual world, having all your information in one place is an absolute MUST! There is nothing more frustrating than trying to track down bits and pieces of information and trying to make sense of it all. It’s equally frustrating when you start working on a document only to realize it is not the most up-to-date version.

Now I don’t claim to be an expert on ClickUp, I’ve only just begun my deep-dive into everything that the system has to offer, but I like what I see!

Big Benefits

The #1 thing business owners and entrepreneurs look for in any program is the benefit. “How is this going to benefit us now? In the long-run”?

As I already stated, having all of your information in one place makes things super efficient which leads to increased productivity, and who wouldn’t want that? Files, documents, and comments are readily available in one spot making it easy to jump from task to task.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had the chance to collaborate on a project or task in live time without actually being in the same room! ClickUp™ gives you that flexibility. You can assign tasks and sub-tasks to multiple people and keep track of exactly who is working on what. Think of it like one big organized, evolving chatroom.

That pesky word…organized. It seems everyone has issues with keeping organized, especially with the world going more virtual. It seems every online platform is rushing to find the newest, greatest way to keep you organized, but all fall short in some way or another. ClickUp has combined all of the concepts for online organization and combined them into their platform for you to pick which way works best for your business.

Love your Layout

Not everyone’s brain works the same way so people like to look at a project from different perspectives. ClickUp gives you that opportunity with a variety of views, not everyone has to use the same one! You pick one that works for you and change it anytime you want. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

  1. List – Exactly that, a list of tasks to view that you can easily group, sort, and filter

  2. Board – Like Trello, you can view each project in their current status

  3. Calendar – Think schedule, you can view all projects in a calendar environment

  4. Gantt – A sliding calendar where you can manage time

  5. Mind-Map – Brainstorming on steroids!

  6. Box – A quick overview of tasks in a simple to read box

  7. Table – Basically a juiced up version of Excel

  8. Timeline – A linear approach to the calendar view

Fabulous Features

Of course it’s never enough to have the benefits and a functional layout! There has to be additional features that you need. Like I said, ClickUp has basically taken the key concepts from every online platform out there and combined them into one. But for those that are not already in ClickUp, you can add integrations! Some of my favorites are Slack, Google Drive, Clockify, and Zoom.

Yes, it might seem like there is TOO much going on here, but you don’t have to use everything I’m talking about. Less is more sometimes. You can use the simplest of features like the status changes and notifications. Even if you are not logged into ClickUp, you can receive notifications when there is a change in status, a new task created, or changes to the comments or documents.

However, if you choose to utilize ClickUp to the full extent of its capabilities, I highly suggest using the templates feature. In my previous blog article, “How to Streamline and Automate your Business”, I explained why templates are so important and now you can use them left and right, use ClickUp’s, or create your own!

As I stated, I am by no means a ClickUp connoisseur, but the value is clear to see. Don’t take my word for it though, ClickUp yourself!

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