Is Hiring a Virtual Assistant Financially Beneficial?

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Starting and running your business can be a burden on you, your family, and your employees (if you have them). New business owners often have their family members help with various needs (bookkeeping, social media, email responses) and this typically works well....for a while. Other business owners tend to put too much pressure on current employees, filling their plates with tasks they are not familiar with or comfortable doing. This often results in a burnt-out employee or the loss of one altogether.

One of the biggest burdens business owners tell me about is the financial aspect. Every business is different and their financial needs vary across the board. While having family members or employees step in and help out more from time to time is convenient, the consequences can be catastrophic.

But you don’t have to give up...there is hope. Many of my clients have voiced their concerns regarding any type of outsourcing and how much money it will cost. I’m here to tell you the complete OPPOSITE is true, Virtual Assistants actually reduce their costs. Let’s find out how…

You don’t have to pay for office space or equipment

When the world got thrown into a whirlwind earlier this year, business owners and employees needed to find a way to keep the wheels moving.

The majority decided on remotely working from their homes was the best way to keep money flowing in. What did business owners find out from this unexpected change? They were paying for office space that was unoccupied!

When you hire a Virtual Assistant, you do not have to pay for the space that they occupy while working for you. In addition, you don’t have to provide any of the equipment they need to fulfill their duties. They already own it as part of their business.

You don’t pay employee taxes or benefits

A major expense of business owners is paying employee taxes and benefits. What they often fail to realize is that hiring a Virtual Assistant is not hiring an employee.

Virtual Assistants are independent contractors, they are 100% responsible for their own taxes and benefits. This leaves them with reducing their employee costs and increasing their bottom line.

You never might be so pleased with the work of a Virtual Assistant, you DO want to hire them as an employee. At least you know they will perform to your expectations!

You only pay for the work done

Virtual Assistants make their living through networking and referrals, so it is always in their best interest to deliver up to your expectations. They also take great pride in their work and only want to present a final product that is up to their professional standards.

The benefit to you??

You are not paying a Virtual Assistant for their time, you are paying for their expertise! Typically you are paying a flat rate for specific services. For example, when you pay $500/month for 10 social media posts, you get 10 social media posts that are to your standards.

You can hire to your needs

Many businesses have their times of highs and lows during their fiscal year. Employees are hired during the “high” or “heavy” times, then they are let go when the season slows down. So now you have to deal with the hiring process as well as the furlough process and unemployment insurance.

Virtual Assistants understand these circumstances and are prepared to work with you. They can be hired for a specific number of hours, a specific project, or for a certain amount of time. Additionally, you can hire the same Virtual Assistant time and time again when it suits your specific business needs.

You can focus on the business

This is probably the biggest financial benefit you will see in your business. When you are not busy with the mundane responsibilities of running your business, you can focus on growing your business.

If you spend half the amount of time working on growing your business as you do, say, keeping up with your inbox, how much time would you have every day? Those small tasks add up and take you away from your main focus, that’s where a Virtual Assistant comes in and saves the day!!

When you are ready to stop throwing away money, there are a number of talented Virtual Assistants out there that are ready to step in and help you out!

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